Monday, October 29, 2012

What is Our Natural Responsibility?
His Majesty (2010) observed that, “Of paramount importance to the strength of a nation, is the ability of her people to live as one united family – a community in which interaction is marked by trust, understanding and cooperation.”
Times change. Our way of living and thinking also change drastically over the time. During our forefather’s time devotion to the god, respect to culture and traditional arts and architecture, relationship or close ties among our people were unbelievably and remarkably high. With these great qualities being practised in the hills and vales, the whole country was as like a paradise so that the country in the past was described a peaceful country where happiness really prevailed. People of this generation can further contribute developing our nation as a state of happiness and live up with the everlasting values of Gross National Happiness. We should understand that human beings are all born with Buddha nature in them and they must spend life for good purpose with limited human desires, keeping in mind that the main cause of our suffering grow from desires.
It’s surprising to confront at this age that our traditional values, attitudes, behavior and overall loving human characters alienating, declining and deteriorating with the passage of time. It’s serious matter of concern for the country. Can we think of developing our country with evil minds and hearts? Absolutely not! We see different problems in families, schools, offices and in the economy as whole, today. To take a simple example against the backdrop of modernization youngsters are changing their minds. They are more attached to hi-fi world, interested in face booking, parties and wasting their time. Rather than helping their parents and siblings at home in studies and studying on their own, they make love at their teen age. Especially boys and girls in developing towns are more fascinated to wear branded clothes no matter how much it is priced; pick up the accent of Korean celebrities and going crazy about listening to western songs. All these elements ruin the lives of the young school going boys and girls.

When we have continual problems of different sorts in our country how can we live happy? So, let us not contaminate ourselves with desires, greed, jealousy and hatred. Rather, uphold values such as integrity, justice and compassion in line with the unforgettable words of His Majesty, The Fifth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgay Wangchuk. These unwritten, unseen but profound values have been a part of our heritage, inherited from our forefathers and these “natural responsibilities” are easy to put into practice.
As a good citizen of this country, my natural responsibility is to be loyal to my service, to be an affectionate son or a son in-law of my beloved parents; to be a kind brother to my siblings; to become a loving and caring husband and father; to be a trusted friend of my friends; to be compassionate to the poor and the disadvantaged in my country. An amazing facial expression and a kind heart is how you win and received love from others for me. My advice to all my country folks would be, every time when you become upset or angry just be cool by worshiping god in your mind as suggested by Great Sogyal Rinpochhe. This will help you keep yourself happy all the time. Greeting or else showing good smiles to others in a day will definitely keep you happy. Certainly when you are happy, your mind will work fantastic where you will have amazing and breath-taking result.
Following the enthronement of our fifth king, within the course of 5 years, Bhutan has really developed a lot, as if mysteriously. We have now a vibrant democracy in place where people voices are making big differences, bringing forth well balanced economic development across all the sectors of society. Within this time frame, Bhutan has achieved significant developments in many areas. Establishment of a mega hydro project of Punatshangchu phase I and Phase II have been successfully done. Engineering and construction development works are expanding rapidly; feeder roads in many remote parts of our country are coming out to create transportation easier for people. New curriculums are being integrated into the present system of education and more emphasis is given on the plans and programmes of quality education in schools. Well equipped medical units and trained professionals are increasing year by year. Therefore, I think Bhutanese citizens have definitely taken on natural responsibilities by taking into consideration the four pillars of GNH and its domain.
Well, on other side, it is a point to lament ourselves since blame rest on nobody. The recent initiative taken by government to settle the rupee crunch by mass cash crop cultivation by the farmers didn’t turnout to be successful, though it became headlines initially across the country. A few farmers started giving negative feedback as their hard work and effort didn’t pay them well as the demand for its market was very low. Nevertheless, our farmer should not stay back or lose hope. All of us should work together for the betterment of our economy.
It’s a fact that some illiterate people have nothing. Some of these poor people don’t have even a cow to milk. For them, it’s very difficult to take three meals of a day without proper nutrients. It’s really sad to find such people in such pathetic condition, as by nature we are what we called “living by hand to mouth” we can’t manage to give full support and help. But there’s a saying that little alms with faith and compassion to the disadvantaged group of people can accumulate merits for next generation and by doing so, we tend to live in good harmony with ourselves and others. Government has been giving support and help to people all time, I still believe government will strive to eradicate poverty from our land and provide equal opportunities to all citizens. As reiterated by Jamyang Khyentse Rinpochhe, Bhutan will soon become healthy, wealthy and happy, where we don’t have to struggle on, depending for goods and services on other countries as we do today.
It’s not late. Let us roll our sleeve and work hand in hand for growth and development of our country with good morale and conduct la. Especially, I would like to urge particularly the SCE library users at least to take care of books and lend us your cooperation by putting back books to the shelves after use. If you do this, you are counted for your natural responsibility – a small act of GNH.
Tashi Delek
Sangay Dawa
Mobile No. 17684034
Library Assistant
Samtse College of Education.