Friday, January 16, 2009

Open Access Resources

The SCE library provides access to valuable open access electronic resources. Theses e-resources are different from the ones you get in Google search or any other search engines. These e-resources are made free only to the developing countries like ours. These journals are not going to be free from 2010 onwards. The College needs to pay at least a sum of USD 2000 annually. We may not be able to subscribe to these e-resources from 2010 onwards. Please make best use of these resources while given free.

These OA resources are :

1 Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE),

Steps to access the OARE are as follows:

A) Go to

B) Click *LOG IN* at the top right hand corner of our home page
(If a security alert window appears, please click *Yes* to

C) Enter the following user ID and password:

User ID: BHU513
Password: 15126

D) Select the scheme *OARE*

E) Click *Sign in*.

F) A security warning window will appear. Please click *Yes* to continue.

Congratulations! You are now logged into OARE and may access all full text
articles, databases and other scientific resources listed on the Full Text
Journals, Databases and Other Resources page of the OARE website.

2 Our next OA e –resources is HINARI

A) To begin a HINARI session, go to http://hinari-gw.wh

Please provide the following

Enter your userID: BHU017

Enter your password: 42018

3 Our next OA resources is AGORA.

A) To begin an AGORA session, go to

Click *LOGIN* (A security alert window may pop up. If it does, click on "Yes" to continue. Please "copy and paste" your username and password to avoid typing errors.

Enter your user ID: ag-btn016
Enter your password: yYXJpstc

4) The next OA resources is


A) To begin oxfordjournals go to:

Enter your user ID : SCOE

Enter your passwords: 2951968

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