Monday, January 24, 2011

Tears of Happiness

Flying in the Druk Air was the most cherishing moment in my life. Passing three months in ‘Heart of India’ was really a rejoicing, joyful, entertaining, exciting but short experience for me, meeting many good friends from seven beautiful countries with amazing culture and thoughts will remain as a profound memory in my whole life. I have never come to realized that I will spend my days like that before. Still I could visualize the image of the tallest Qutab Minar and the giant Taj Mahal as I enjoyed visiting two places the most. I don’t mean to pull down other places, they were also nice and worth for visiting. It was astounding for me to see people all over the places working hard day and night for food, cloth and shelter. I know it is hard convincing the truth and easy to tell lies, you will know internal feeling of a person or things only when being close to that particular object.

Early in the morning, when colour of sky changes into semi white, when the noise of the street is calm and quite, I started assuming that many people must be doing yoga which to some extent is famous in India. My room mate, Mr Rishi who is from Nepal is a good practitioner of yoga and physical exercise. He encouraged and taught me how to do some body stretching works. As said, I felt the result of doing it, it helps in relieving body ache and making us physically active whole day. For some time, it became like our daily routine. After having done the yoga from 5 to 6, we get fresh up, and then we go for breakfast with tea and bread which is substituted at sometimes with Puri and Sabji. The man at cafeteria was kind and gentle. He has a son who is also like his father. The hospitality at the cafeteria was like at home. We use to exchange jokes to each other sometimes. He laughs heartily when I joke.

At 9 am, all the participants meet in the parking nearby the canteen to go to training institute by vehicle, reserved for us. We share and divide ourselves into three vehicles, in each four or five passengers were allowed. So, when traveling on the way, I feel little scare at initial because of the crowded traffic and speed to which driver reach us on time. As time goes by, it is nothing of a kind to get scared and frightened with usual event. Being a Hindi music lover, I feel like dancing in the vehicle when Radio Mirchi plays the music of latest films. Without any awareness, the vehicle drops us at the Institute so fast.

The training on “Information technology on information management” for a three month lasted as I thought and it was enough for me to learn everything which I wanted to learn and use in my library. Classes were interesting and totally new for me. I learn many things in little span of time from scientists who were well versed in their field of study. I am still applying the skill in doing my work at present. The training has changed me, I came to know how to operate computer, manipulate spreadsheet, Msword and power point just on my own.

During break time, we use to go outside the institute campus. We use to take tea from Mr Goolu’s hand. He sells tea and cigarettes near the gate to the campus. His business runs well though he runs his business in a temporary hut. The hut has only a roof and it’s without walls. He has improvised a bench for his customers to seat. He smiles and adds a flavor in his tea that’s why I see continuous flow of customer in his small business. He is the peddler living out a happy life. Mr Ayub Dogar who is from Pakistan always takes me there for a treat.

Mr. Ayub Dogar is a good friend of mine during my entire course in Delhi. He is huge and a tall guy. Also, he is a religious minded person. He loves visiting temples and sacred places. His way of talking to other is polite and noble, that’s the reason why I got attracted to be friend with him. Without him it would have been difficult for me to travel widely across Delhi. He took me to chandi chwok, Jama masjid and Delhi Haat. I had also been to Lajpat Nagar, Cannaught place, Lotus Temple, India Gate and South Extension with my friends during my stay in New Delhi.

I had a wonderful time to make wonderful friends from other SAARC countries. They are all best in their ways. They gave me all the love which I get from my friends back at home. Staying close and spending good amount of time with them was moment to cherish. Even when I feel bit hungry, being close and togetherness gave me a sense of energy to get active. I liked making plans together and traveling together in a group.

It made me sad in the very last moment when it was time for us to depart. Mr Ayub gave huge hug to me. I didn’t know our friendship is going to get end like that…The Druk Air brought me back where I belong and I feel like waking up from my dream.

It has been 5 years now. We write a mail to each other and try to recollect and remember the happy memories of the past.


Sangay Dawa

Library Assistant

Samtse College of Education

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