Friday, August 5, 2011

The Waste Collector

The wonderful scenario presents a refreshing atmosphere for all in the middle of spring, 2008. People from different places gather the inhabitants of this magnificent foothill. They are mostly appointed by the government to provide services for the economic development of the nation. The most interesting part of the place would be meeting with ethnic group called Lhops, who are popularly known as Doyas. These local tribes are gentle, kind and naive by nature. One would definitely experience the real meaning of friendship, love and attachment by spending few days with them. ‘I have a friend from there, his name is Sam’. It is a garden for delicious fruits like oranges, leechi and Jackfruit. Jackfruit trees are scattered over almost all the places that it is not being used as the source of income which otherwise could have been possible.

Meanwhile Tsheten Doya is experiencing a slight change in his lifestyle as recently being employed as a dry sweeper in the dzongkhag administration. Initially his weak and fragile body failed to suit the demand of ESP personnel. He was about to be rejected from the interview but his simplicity and honesty earned him a reward which other competitor could not live up to. He called his friends who accompanied him till samtse to find a work and celebrated the occasion of getting a new job in Tamang’s Bar. ‘Today, I don’t have much to offer, let’s share one bottle of whisky among ourselves’. ‘We are so happy that you finally found your work’ replied one of his friends. As time stretch by, they enjoyed drinking a sip of whisky which lately made them quite benumbed.

Leaving him all alone, his friends left Samtse towards Sendhen embracing him with deep sorrow the next morning.

Possibly he managed to get one rented house at a low rent. Despite his meager income he bought things on a priority basis and started beginning his new life without any difficulties. After the third salary, he managed to buy one Samsung mobile @ Rs.1500. Since then he became interested in listening to radio and music most often.

A miracle awaited him unexpectedly. A doubt is suspected that a thief could have left the bag hidden in the secret garbage. As he segregated the waste, he discovered to his astonishment a brand new suitcase. He tried to rub his eyes twice to confirm it again. Taking it behind the toilet wall, slowly and carefully looking around him he opened the suitcase. He felt scared at first instance when he saw a bundle of 500 notes filled packed in the suitcase.

“What shall I do with this amount” he asked himself. “Should I return it back to where it lied or what about reporting it to the police”? After sometime, he alters his idea; instead thought wisely to accept the money as a gift of god. Later, he went home immediately to conceal it.

Following the incident, Doya bought a santro car and started doing small business on rented cottage in samtse market. By that time he has given up his work. The success of his business went well according to his plans. He knew how to invest and earn more profit so within a short time he became so rich by doing contract works. Then he was about to get married.

But one of his friends disturbed him too badly knocking the door. Later he came to realize that it was just in his dream. When he narrated the dream to his friend, both of them couldn’t stop laughing for a while.

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